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Cosmetology & Skin Care

2015-05-22 16.50.57At Club Maui Tanning & Spa we strive to provide you with various high end cosmetology & skin care services so you can feel pampered!

Master cosmetologist Julia has many proprietary facial treatments for you skin. No matter weather your skin is beautiful or needs some help, we will make it radiant for the big day! Individual approach to each customer, using best products, carefully picked from the best skin care companies from all over the world. “Golden Hands” – many of her clients say it leaving happy and shining after a specially customized facial.

Bridal packages available, bridal party pampering, pre-wedding skin rejuvenation treatments. Call today for a free consultation!


Refreshing Facial 60 min - $50.00

Cleansing, light exfoliation, massage, customized mask, final super potency serum. application.

Basic Facial 80 min - $70.00

Cleansing, steam, ultrasonic exfoliation, massage, light extraction, high frequency, customized nourishing or soothing mask, personalized final application. This treatment promotes light exfoliation, hydration & restoration, tones and nourishes the skin.

Deep Cleansing, Nourishing Facial 100 min - $80.00

This facial will purify, hydrate, and reinforce skin at the cellular level. It will quickly remove unwanted layers of dull, flaky skin, will  clear the skin of cellular buildup that causes blackheads and breakouts, will stimulate cellular renewal with rejuvenating fruit enzyme. It will gently exfoliate the skin which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Especially beneficial to eliminate impurities, restore balance, and nourish dull, devitalized skin.
Deep cleansing, tone and balance, steaming (fruit enzyme light peeling), ultrasonic exfoliation, hand and/or vacuum extraction, high frequency, customized facial mask, face and neck massage (vitamins A & E, and bio-active, organic ingredients penetrate and work below the surface where it really counts),
soothing mask (for sensitive skin) or ultrasonic infusion for hydrated skin and to penetrate nourishing substance (addresses your unique skin care needs), final application.

Deep Cleansing Acne 100 min - $85.00

Cleansing, steaming  w/application of professional acne and pore cleansing lotion, ultrasonic exfoliation, Hand and vacuum extraction, high frequency, high potency specially formulated antimicrobial application, special anti-acne formulated  customized facial mask, ultrasonic infusion of anti-acne  solution  for deep disinfection of acne prone skin, soothing mask to normalize the skin after the procedure,  final protective application to face the world again.

Intense Deep Cleansing 80 min -$75.00

This treatment is not  suited for people with severely inflamed acne skin.
Cleansing, steaming  with an application of a professional acne and pore cleansing lotion, ultrasonic exfoliation, hand and vacuum extraction, high frequency, specially customized facial mask based on your skin needs,  final application of high potency serum or vitamin extract to face the world again

facial mask


Here’s what others are saying:

I also want to praise an amazing owner of Club Maui, a licensed and experienced cosmetologist Julia. She can do facials and all other cosmetology services making clients happy and young. Her SPA and Tanning salon are popular because Julia and her staff are very professional and friendly. I had a facial myself. Today I feel great and energetic like I came back from the vacation at Hawaii. Thank you, Julia!

– Ari

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